What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a free video conferencing platform (like Zoom) that helps to organize collaborative work in the online space for conducting online meetings. The application also features a convenient chat where you can exchange information, conduct polls, and ask questions.


  • Audio and video conferences recreate the atmosphere of live communication;
  • You can download Microsoft Teams Meeting for free on all popular computer and mobile OS: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS.
  • The workspace allows you to publish shared material that will be available to everyone who has joined the online meeting;
  • Each participant can make their own changes when working on a collaborative project;
  • It operates on the Office 365 platform;
  • Chats are divided into 2 categories - individual and public. The first type of chat differs in the privacy of the correspondence. The second category implies public access to files stored in the group. Only members can see them.


  • No need to pay for renting a room.
  • Convenient to exchange information with all invited employees.
  • The Microsoft Teams application is suitable for informal communication, webinars, and business negotiations.
  • Any participant can exchange or edit documents.
  • The ability to invite a large number of participants - up to 10000.
  • Real-time communication in an online space.
  • You can connect other Microsoft services.
  • There is a convenient chat where people express their opinions.
  • You can set individual settings.
  • Several types of chats.
  • Updates come out often and are automatically installed.
  • The encryption function is aimed at ensuring the confidentiality of information.
  • There is a convenient system for regaining access if it is lost.
  • The telephone connection supports regional calls.
  • Quality and free international communication through the platform.
  • The mobile version of Microsoft Teams contains the same tools as the computer version.
  • Call routing.
  • An auto-attendant that will convey information for you when you're offline.
  • Intelligent features. For example, blurring the background. A useful setting if you don't want to focus on the background or there are a lot of people around.
  • Online meetings are recorded to the cloud storage, which is very convenient.
  • In past recordings, you can turn on translation and transcription.
  • If a user cannot connect via the internet, then participants can ...


  • Not very convenient to use the platform with a mobile phone.
  • The Microsoft service is expanding, which affects the reliability of data storage. Not all employees agree to use sanctioned tools for work, so company files may be at risk of data leaks.
  • Complex interface - many users experience difficulties.
  • In order to share audio or video streaming, a person must log in with the account of the company that is holding the meeting.
  • If you need to share a screen recording, the sound is recorded through the built-in microphone. Unfortunately, it does not transmit audio signals as well.


The Microsoft Teams program is useful for users who work on collaborative projects. It is nice to exchange information, news, opinions, and files. It is convenient that you can connect additional services that will facilitate work on the project.

You can download the latest version of Microsoft Teams 2024 from the official website at the link below.

  • Version: 3.20.0
  • Size: 270 MB
Operating system:
Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, iOS