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What is GlassWire?

GlassWire is a firewall for protecting your computer or phone network that allows you to detect dangerous internet activity and block connections. The program includes a convenient monitor with information visualization on a graph.

GlassWire Free can be downloaded for free on computers with Windows OS and on mobile phones based on Android.

Features and Functionality

  • Control network activity by connection type, IP address, and domain;
  • Search for threats;
  • Works with antivirus software;
  • Analysis of application work;
  • Traffic blocking (paid service);
  • Warning of access to the camera or microphone (paid service);
  • Control of traffic of multiple networks at once (paid service).

How Does GlassWire Work?

If a new program gets access to the internet for the first time, the application will warn about it, provide all the information. Thus, the user can block the program using the GlassWire firewall and start scanning the system.

The utility also shows users when there was activity in the network while the computer was not used. A temporary schedule is used to visualize network connection details.

If a user has a remote server where applications are hosted, GlassWire can control activity data. With this feature, the owner receives notifications of potential threats.

When the provider limits the amount of traffic, then it is worth turning to this program. GlassWire will help you stay within the traffic limit and warn you of its excess.

The application also allows protecting privacy by visualizing network activity. At the same time, users are given the opportunity to switch to incognito mode.


  • Compatible with any version of Windows;
  • Constantly updated;
  • Collaboration with antivirus software;
  • Has a small client size;
  • Easy to set up.


  • Limited functionality in the free version.


GlassWire offers reliable protection for your computer or mobile device by blocking suspicious internet connections and monitoring all network activity on the internet.

You can download the latest version of GlassWire for free from the official website via the link below.

  • Version: 3.0.476
  • Size: 71 MB
Operating system:
Windows, Android