Yandex Browser

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What is Yandex Browser?

Yandex Browser is a free, secure, and fast web browser based on the Blink engine with support for cloud services. The program is based on the Chromium shell. Yandex Browser can be downloaded for Windows 7, 10, or any other operating system, as well as on phones (iPhone, Android) or tablets.

Key features:

  • Active Protect protection for detecting viruses in downloads and monitoring malicious sites.
  • Protects personal data when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks and from DNSCrypt technology manipulations for secure connection to the server.
  • Reliable online banking and shopping payment.
  • Yandex Assistant with voice recognition and dialogue support.
  • Zen channel on the start page.
  • Large gallery, stylish themes.
  • Blocks intrusive ads.
  • Battery saving mode for battery-powered devices.
  • Cloud capabilities: spelling, smart search bar, online translations from 14 languages, geolocation.

Settings section:

To access the features, click on the three horizontal lines icon, find the Settings submenu.

In the new window, precise settings parameters are opened:

  • bookmarks;
  • downloads;
  • history;
  • add-ons;
  • security;
  • password manager;
  • other devices.

How to enable Alice?

Alice is installed automatically with the browser. She can play music, YouTube, control sound, and more. To activate the voice assistant, you need to:

  • click on the microphone on the browser panel or in a new tab;
  • say "Hello, Alice" or "Listen, Alice";
  • ask a question or start a dialogue.

How to disable Alice?

To remove her, you need to go to the "Search" menu in the settings and uncheck the "Enable voice assistant Alice" option. To completely remove the program from your PC, go to "Control Panel" in the "Install and Remove Programs" section.


  • Convenient voice assistant Alice;
  • Support for book reading formats fb2, ePub, pdf;
  • Turbo mode for faster page loading;
  • Compatible with Google Chrome plugins and extensions;
  • Yandex understands you much better than Google;
  • Multifunctional protection.


  • The voice application takes up space on the device;
  • The translator sometimes behaves incorrectly.


Yandex Browser is the most popular browser in Russia and the CIS countries. You can download the latest version of Yandex Browser (2024) for free for Windows from the official website by clicking on the link below.

  • Version: 20.4.3
  • Size: 1.1 MB
Operating system:
Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, iOS