Opera GX

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What is Opera GX?

Opera GX is a free internet browser for advanced gamers created by the makers of Opera and first launched in 2019. After its release, the browser was promoted on the YouTube video hosting platform, with a number of video bloggers used as advertising faces, who run their channels directly with gaming services.

Opera GX can be downloaded for free on computers running Windows and MacOS, as well as on mobile phones based on Android and iOS.


One of the main features of the browser is that users can specify the optimal amount of memory to use. This is very convenient, as it allows other applications and games to work without any problematic situations, meaning that the browser increases computer performance. In Opera GX, users can see released games and those that are still planned for release.

In the 2020 update, the browser was able to boast:

  1. improved and safer communication through the Discord platform;
  2. the ability to open and close tabs that use a lot of computer energy;
  3. a dark mode for convenient use during nighttime hours;
  4. tab grouping;
  5. the ability to watch YouTube videos in a pop-up window.

How to Use

Traffic consumption restriction occurs using the Network Limiter. Implementation occurs directly in the browser. The client receives not only useful functionality, but also new knowledge.

To use:

  • drag the slider to the on position;
  • set the maximum speed value;
  • there is an option to specify half the permissible value to avoid slowing down the gaming process;


  • extended colorful panel;
  • sound when keys are pressed;
  • truthful advertising slogans;
  • well-designed gamer profile;
  • limitation of RAM;
  • traffic restriction function.


  • no intelligent model, meaning that regardless of viewed advertising tabs, they will appear to the user again and again.


Opera GX browser is perfect for gamers. The platform provides users with a range of advantages and opportunities. An important function is also considered to be managing computer resources in a convenient display.

You can download Opera GX (2024) for free for Windows and other operating systems from the official website below.

  • Version: 86.0.4363.70
  • Size: 3.45 MB
Operating system:
Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS