Microsoft Edge

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What is Microsoft Edge?

Almost every Internet user has become acquainted with one of the first browsers from Microsoft called Internet Explorer. This browser had a bad reputation since everyone knew that it constantly "lags," slows down, and works incorrectly. That is why for a long time, Microsoft developed a completely new browser that was based on a different system. Compared to the previous version, their new product called Microsoft Edge reached a completely new level and confidently took the lead.

There were several reasons for this. Thanks to really good developers from different companies who had extensive experience in development, Microsoft Edge became a flagship among modern browsers. It uses new systems, is not overloaded with unnecessary code and a large number of corrections that would constantly correct errors from the past.

Now Microsoft Edge comes with new Windows 10 and 11, and the browser can also be downloaded for mobile devices. It is considered one of the best as an alternative to Google Chrome. It is especially pleasant that the browser has familiar features and convenient capabilities, thanks to which its use can be called the most comfortable and convenient.

The maximum convenient and adaptive interface for each user can be configured in any way so that using Microsoft Edge is really comfortable. This was the main task for the developers who wanted to present a completely new view of a product from their company. Instead of the old and unnecessary browser, they presented a completely new product that now surpasses most of its competitors with years of experience.


Among the capabilities, features, and main conveniences of this browser, it is impossible not to highlight:

  1. Ability to change the theme. It appeared in Microsoft Edge and gradually developed, now the theme can be absolutely any!
  2. The browser works for the user, so it can be modified as he or she pleases.
  3. A convenient app store that allows you to adapt all available extensions and other important aspects right in the browser.
  4. Great performance speed, thanks to modern protocols and the absence of a heap of garbage in the code of Microsoft Edge.


Among the main advantages, it is worth highlighting:

  • Speed of work.
  • The browser is constantly updated and improved.
  • Many new features.
  • Fully adaptive to user requests.


There aren't many downsides to Microsoft Edge:

  • Not everyone likes the appearance of the browser.
  • There are not as many extensions in the store as in Chrome's store.

Download the latest version of Microsoft Edge (2024) browser from the official website by using the direct link below.

  • Version: 108.0.1462.54
  • Size: 1.8 MB
Operating system:
Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, iOS