Intel Driver Support Assistant

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What is Intel Driver Support Assistant?

Intel Driver Support Assistant is special software designed to notify users of the need to update Intel product drivers in a timely manner. The application has an intuitive interface and allows users to understand which drivers need to be updated in just a few clicks.

The Intel driver support application can be downloaded for free for computers running the Windows operating system.

Features of Intel Driver Support

The functional capabilities and features of the utility are as follows:

  • an intuitive interface that even the most novice user can understand;
  • simple and fast installation of the application on the user's computer;
  • quick receipt of information about the need to update Intel drivers, performed in a couple of clicks;
  • convenient viewing of detailed information about the hardware installed on the personal computer (processor name, model, and performance; graphics card brand; network controllers used; audio adapter version; RAM, connected peripheral devices, and so on);
  • completely free installation;
  • high-quality message exchange;
  • the presence of special hints about which sites you can download drivers for devices from other well-known manufacturers;
  • timely notification of users about the appearance of fresh drivers for personal computer components.


Let's take a closer look at the pros:

  • free distribution of Intel Driver Update;
  • low consumption of personal computer system resources;
  • the software allows the user to significantly simplify working with their personal computer and avoid searching for web portals where necessary drivers can be downloaded;
  • compatibility with all versions of the Windows operating system with a bit depth of 32 and 64 bits.


Let's take a closer look at the cons:

  • infrequent updates from developers;
  • the software does not install drivers itself, but only provides all the necessary detailed information about the hardware of the personal computer;
  • weak technical support service.

You can download the latest version of Intel Driver Support 2024 from the official website at the link below, while preserving the formatting of the text and tags.

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