DivX Plus Codec Pack

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What is DivX Plus Codec Pack?

DivX Plus Codec Pack is a free multimedia codec package that contains everything needed for playing high-definition video formats like HD and 4K Ultra HD. This codec provides high-quality image while keeping the file size to a minimum.

The DivX Plus codec pack can be downloaded for computers running Windows and MacOS, and for mobile phones based on Android or iOS, you can download the KMPlayer+ Divx Codec media player that includes the corresponding codecs. Advanced users during installation can opt-out of downloading specific components, but it is better to use the standard installation.

Contents of DivX codec package

  1. DivX Player is a modern and convenient multimedia player designed to play high-definition movies like HD, 4K, and DivX HEVC. It is also optimized for playing standard multimedia formats - DivX, AVI, MKV, MOV, MP4, DivX, XviD, or H.264. The player allows you to stream multimedia content to all connected devices compatible with DLNA technology, switch between soundtracks, import subtitles, and instantly jump to your favorite scenes.
  2. DivX Web Player / DivX Media Server is used for streaming video content directly from the web browser with support for 4K Ultra HD.
  3. DivX Converter is a high-quality video file converter that allows us to convert movies to various popular formats. This tool can easily convert movies to DivX, DivX Plus (H.264), MP4, and other formats supported by portable devices like iPad or iPhone; it allows you to merge and split clips.
  4. DivX HEVC Plugin is a free plugin that expands the functional capabilities of the DivX player and converter. It adds new parameters when converting video.


  • High-quality video image;
  • Minimal file size;
  • Support for streaming playback;
  • Support for most popular video formats.


The DivX Plus Codec Pack is an excellent package solution that allows you to install most codecs on your computer to play videos in any of the popular formats.

You can download the latest version of DivX Plus Codec Pack (2024) from the official website using the links below.

  • Version: 10.8.9
  • Size: 4.1 MB
Operating system:
Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS