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What is Chromium?

Chromium is a free web browser released by Google in 2008. Thanks to its open-source code, developers can create different web browsers, but the project was started to create the popular Google Chrome browser. Currently, developers are making changes and improving the code to release new tools for viewing web pages that will allow users to use additional options.

Chromium can be downloaded for free on computers running Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

Google developers have improved Chrome and increased its features, so Chromium does not differ much from the browser that is the main competitor, Firefox.

Compared to Chrome, Chromium is lighter and provides the same power as the Google solution. It supports tabs, has tools for managing downloads and bookmarks, as well as support for extensions from the Chrome Web Store.

Chromium Features and Characteristics

  1. Chromium has a high-quality security system. It adheres to the sandbox principle, making it a secure browser.
  2. The key feature of the Chromium browser is that it has a rich set of tools for testing the stability of the product and developing extensions for it. This is why most professionals choose this application.
  3. The web browser has an advanced console that allows you to quickly make changes to the code. This is indispensable for those who develop the browser at home. And this is another reason why this application is not suitable for ordinary users.
  4. Chromium can be downloaded for any desktop operating system: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Arch, Mandriva, Slackware, and so on.


  • The Chromium browser does not impose other services on users.
  • Increased speed of operation.
  • There is a version for all desktop OSs (Windows, Linux, MacOS).
  • Supports the largest number of extensions.
  • There is a built-in task manager.
  • Low memory usage.
  • High security.
  • Supports a large number of languages.


  • There is no version for mobile devices.


From all the above, it can be concluded that the advantages of Chromium are that it does not track users and has increased security, as well as supporting a huge number of extensions.

The latest version of the Chromium browser (2024) can be downloaded from the official website via the link below.

  • Version: 91.0.4460.0
  • Size: 197 MB
Operating system:
Windows, Mac OS, Linux