• Chemax (screenshot, photo)
  • Chemax (screenshot, photo)
  • Chemax (screenshot, photo)
  • Chemax (screenshot, photo)
  • Chemax (screenshot, photo)
  • Chemax (screenshot, photo)
  • Chemax (screenshot, photo)

What is Chemax?

Chemax is a free program with an extensive database of passwords, codes, and cheats for video games. With its help, you can simplify the gaming process by gaining access to a large number of money, in-game resources, invincibility, bonuses, secret levels, and other features not available in standard video games.

You can download Chemax for free on computers running Windows, as well as on Android-based mobile devices.


  • Extensive password database. A vast platform with cheat codes for various types and genres of games on different platforms, making it easier to complete video games and unlock new abilities.
  • New gameplay possibilities and advantages. By downloading Chemax, players can forget about difficult moments in game progression or a shortage of in-game resources, opening up new horizons of gameplay and providing some advantages in the gaming space.
  • Accessible interface. Simplicity is one of the essential qualities of the Chemax interface, allowing quick access to the necessary codes without spending a lot of time searching for them on the internet. All the required codes will be in one place and always at your fingertips.
  • Updates. Chemax is constantly updated, providing you with the most up-to-date codes and cheats for video games. You won't have to worry about codes becoming obsolete. Developers carefully monitor new game releases and update the Chemax database so that you can enjoy your favorite games every time.

How to use Chemax?

Download and install Chemax from the official website using the link below, launch it, and see a list of video games on the left side of the window, with the corresponding passwords and codes displayed on the right. By using the search function, you can quickly find the game you are interested in and get complete information about its hack. The printer button allows you to quickly print passwords.


  • Secret passwords, cheats, and hacking instructions for over 15,000 games;
  • Simple and intuitively understandable interface;
  • Database updates with current codes;
  • The ability to uncover hidden aspects and secrets of the game.


  • Risk of losing interest in the gaming process due to code usage;
  • Does not work in online games (as usually, data is stored on the server, not on your computer).


Chemax is a popular program with an extensive database of passwords and cheats for computer video games, allowing players to gain an advantage or simply make it easier to complete any single-player game.

You can download the latest version of Chemax for free (2024) from the official website via the link below.

  • Version: 21.4
  • Size: 3.41 MB
Operating system:
Windows, Android