• ArtMoney (screenshot, photo)
  • ArtMoney (screenshot, photo)
  • ArtMoney (screenshot, photo)
  • ArtMoney (screenshot, photo)
  • ArtMoney (screenshot, photo)
  • ArtMoney (screenshot, photo)

What is ArtMoney?

ArtMoney is a program designed for hacking games and modifying memory values while they are running. It can be used to obtain unlimited resources in games such as money, health, mana, ammunition, etc.

ArtMoney can only be downloaded for the Windows operating system.


  • Search and replace numeric values: ArtMoney searches for values in memory associated with specific parameters (gold, HP, experience, etc.) and then changes it to any other numeric value chosen by the player;
  • Cheat code support: allows the use of cheats in the game;
  • Multiple process handling: data replacement in multiple applications simultaneously;
  • Script creation: users can create scripts (manually or use ready-made ones) for automatic modification of values in memory;
  • Work with different types of data: integers, floating-point numbers, strings, etc., allowing the modification of virtually any game parameter.

How to use it?

ArtMoney connects to the current game process, finds the numeric value responsible for a specific parameter in the files and changes it to the one specified by you. The game cannot be broken by this. It should be noted that online games cannot be hacked because all data is stored on the server, not on your computer.


  • Simple and convenient user interface;
  • Automation of parameter substitution;
  • Possibility of saving and loading settings for quick access to previously used parameters and scripts;
  • Supports a large number of games and applications.


  • Works only in single player games;
  • Antiviruses may identify ArtMoney (64 bit) as a potentially dangerous application;
  • Requires a certain level of knowledge and experience for effective use of the program;
  • Lack of regular updates and program support.


ArtMoney is a popular utility among gamers who do not want to deal with fair play and strive to get rich and powerful immediately. You can download the latest version of ArtMoney (2024) for Windows from the official website below.

  • Version: 8.14
  • Size: 3.88 MB
Operating system: