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What is Steam?

Steam is a gaming launcher and digital distribution platform developed by Valve Corporation, designed for online purchase and play of video games through the internet. Steam can be downloaded to any device convenient for you, including a computer or laptop with Windows, MacOS, or Linux operating systems, or a mobile phone and tablet based on Android or iOS.

Steam is the main program for any PC gamer, where they can purchase computer games for their digital library and manage it, communicate with friends, join multiplayer matches, and access community features. Fans can view reviews and feedback from other players, which create an amateur game rating, to help with purchasing decisions.


  1. Game Library: serves as a central hub for all games, providing easy access to purchased gaming products and an easy way to install and launch them.
  2. Store: offers a wide selection of games from various developers and publishers with filtering options by genre, platform, price, and popularity.
  3. Community: Steam has a powerful social aspect, allowing users to communicate with friends, join groups, participate in community events and forums.
  4. Cloud Saves: stores your game progress in the cloud, synchronizing data on any device.
  5. Remote Installation: allows remote game installation on your PC or other devices, saving time and effort.
  6. Automatic Updates: Steam automatically downloads and installs updates, providing users with the latest versions of games.
  7. Game Broadcasting and Local Co-op: you can broadcast your gameplay to others, and also join together to play through your computer (even if your friend hasn't purchased the game).
  8. Workshop: allows for the creation, sharing, and downloading of user-generated game content, including mods, levels, and skins.
  9. In-Game Purchases: additional content, skins, items, or upgrades.


  • Large game library with convenient search and filtering;
  • Frequent sales, discounts, and free weekends;
  • Excellent community that leaves comments, advice, reviews, and screenshots for each game;
  • Steam supports a large number of interface languages.


  1. Online Only: Steam requires an internet connection to access games and platform features, which may be a disadvantage for users with slow or unstable connections.
  2. DRM: Steam's digital rights management (DRM) system can make playing games in offline mode difficult.


Steam is an all-encompassing and user-friendly platform that provides gamers with a game store, game library, and gaming community all in one place, satisfying all of the user's gaming needs.

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  • Size: 1.7 MB
Operating system:
Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, iOS