EA Desktop App

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What is EA Desktop App?

EA App is the lightest and fastest gaming launcher for computers from Electronic Arts. The company presented the program as a new generation gaming platform, created to replace Origin. According to the developer, the modern design was created taking into account the shortcomings of the predecessor, and launching a game now requires only 2 mouse clicks.

You can download EA App for free on computers with Windows OS (Origin is still required for MacOS).


  • The EA App installer automatically removes Origin components from your PC, and downloaded games do not have to be downloaded again. User data from the old platform, including purchases, will be transferred to the new application;
  • The latest sales, upcoming games, and thematic collections are on the main page of the application;
  • The "Overview" tab contains a list of games. All games from Origin are available there;
  • The "Collection" tab displays the games in the account;
  • EA App synchronizes your profile with Discord. User activity is broadcasted so that friends can see what they are playing;
  • A universal friends list. It is enough to connect, for example, Steam, to see all friends in EA App. Friends are marked with a unique identifier, their activity is now visible, and there is an opportunity to join the game;
  • With a subscription, you can play novelties before others. Games are available even before the full release. 10 hours of game time are provided to try out the novelty;
  • A premium subscription unlocks access to the publisher's novelties on the day of release;
  • If the user has a subscription to Game Pass Ultimate, after binding, they will get free access to games from the collection or will be able to buy them with discounts right from the EA App launcher;
  • The settings section has been expanded. Now you can enable tracking of game time, add an account with restrictions on game sessions;


  • Improved design with minimalist elements allows for smooth and fast navigation through the application;
  • Fixes to Origin drawbacks: now there is no need to authorize every time you log in;
  • Game loading speed has increased;
  • Now you can play the same games on different platforms without losing progress, thanks to EA Play subscription synchronization;
  • Convenient search;
  • Automatic download;
  • In-game rewards;
  • Background updates.


  • Users note that sometimes there are bugs.


The EA App is a new modern game launcher from Electronic Arts with a more streamlined structure and user-friendly interface compared to Origin. You can download the latest version of EA App 2024 for Windows from the official website via the link below.

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