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What is 7-Zip?

7-Zip is a free archiver that helps to compress multiple files into one archive file. As a result, the packed file is much easier to store on a computer, and the process of data transfer becomes simpler.

You can download the free 7-Zip (x64) archiver for Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

Key features of 7zip

  • Despite its simple interface, it has many positive features;
  • It can unpack almost any file;
  • The degree of compression is higher than that of competitors;
  • The archiver works fast, which saves time;
  • It takes up little memory on the computer;
  • Supports a large number of compression formats.


  • Compresses large files;
  • Has its own strong compression format - 7z;
  • Can be integrated into the Explorer;
  • Supports a vast number of formats: ZIP, TAR, CHM, Z, XAR, WIM, RAR, 7z, CPIO, LZMA, GZIP, MSI, UDF, DEB, LZH, NSIS, HFS;
  • 2 types of formats that compress better than in other utilities - GZIP and ZIP;
  • There is a text-based interface where you enter commands in the command line;
  • There is a GUI version that displays the total memory size. This information helps to calculate whether there is enough space to unpack a particular file;
  • For beginners, there are settings that are built into the program;
  • The total file size in the archiver is 16 exabytes. It should be noted that this is the 7z format;
  • High degree of compression and decompression.


  • Does not preserve information about file access rights;
  • The open API is difficult to work with even for an experienced developer;
  • Cannot add information necessary for recovery to the archive;
  • If there is a problem and the archive downloaded incorrectly or incompletely, it will be difficult to extract any information from it.


The 7-Zip archiver will be useful for users who want to unpack or compress certain files. The significant advantage is the high degree of compression. However, the packaging speed may disappoint a little as it is not the fastest.

You can download the latest version of 7-Zip 2024 for free from the official website below.

  • Version: 22.01
  • Size: 1.3 MB
Operating system:
Windows, Mac OS, Linux