What is Picasa 3?

Picasa 3 is a free PC program that allows you to view, edit, and enhance images. Furthermore, it can organize and sort them, which can help those who have a mess of files.

Picasa 3 can be downloaded for free for Windows and MacOS.

Key features and capabilities of Picasa 3

Program functions:

  • Image viewing.
  • Creating slideshows from photos.
  • Creating collages.
  • Ability to recognize faces.
  • Printing images.
  • Images can be assigned "keywords" for quick searching.
  • Sorting images.

Photo editor capabilities include:

  • Cropping (cropping photos to the required format).
  • Aligning the image to the sides.
  • Getting rid of the "Red-eye" effect.
  • "I'm feeling lucky!" - auto-correcting photos.
  • Auto-correction of contrast and color separately.
  • Retouching.
  • Adding text to an image.
  • Filters and effects for overlaying on photos.

How to use Picasa?

When the program is opened, the user is presented with a workspace divided in half. In the left part, you can choose from a list of folders containing the necessary image. The right part displays a list of photos contained in the folder. To work with an image, double-click it with the left mouse button.

After opening the photo you need, the following workspace opens, similarly divided into two parts. The image is displayed on the right, and all editing tools are on the left. The tools are divided into five sections:

  1. Frequently used.
  2. Lighting editing.
  3. Photo filters.
  4. Effects.
  5. Cinematic effects.


  • The program and its functionality are free.
  • Diversity and the ability to combine effects and filters.
  • View any snapshots in full-screen resolution.
  • Can interact with a printer and scanner.


  • Gif images are not displayed.
  • It is impossible to create a subfolder within the program.
  • Photo sizes change after export.
  • Not supported by the owner (Google) at the moment.


Picasa 3 is a great program for quick image viewing. Performing the function of both a "reader" and an "editor" in the software environment, it provides the ability for convenient editing, which in combination with the variety of tools allows you to make unique and beautiful photos.

You can download the latest version of Picasa 3 (2024) for free on your computer through the links below.

  • Version: 3.9.141
  • Size: 12 MB
Operating system:
Windows, Mac OS