What is MediaMonkey?

MediaMonkey is a popular and powerful program for creating collections of audio and video files with extensive functionality. This utility allows you to create your own library in such a way that access to it is as convenient as possible. The program also includes a built-in media player that can "read" not only popular, but also rare formats. This significantly saves time on searching for suitable applications to open files.

MediaMonkey works not only with the computer's internal memory, but also with flash drives and CD discs. Users have the unique ability to combine all songs by certain tags. The application works very quickly, even when processing large playlists. An additional advantage of the utility is the ability to record tracks on CD media. Songs can have the following formats: WMA, OGG, and MP3.

MediaMonkey Features

The application's functionality is very extensive. With its help, you can do practically everything related to media data. The features include:

  1. Recording CDs.
  2. Converting files to other formats. It should be noted that the process happens very quickly.
  3. Organizing music files and adding them to separate playlists. Tags, which can be created and edited, help with structuring.
  4. The ability to manage more than 50,000 music files simultaneously.
  5. Tags can be automatically filled. There is also a function for attaching covers for compositions from albums.
  6. Working with any music genres.
  7. Synchronization with various players for uninterrupted work.

The above qualities explain why the utility has become so popular. At the same time, it is distributed completely free of charge and works on any computer; its power does not matter.


  1. Extensive functionality and a plethora of possibilities for working with audio and video formats.
  2. High speed of information processing and data conversion.
  3. The ability to synchronize with mobile devices for file transfer.
  4. An intuitive interface for every user.
  5. There is a portable version.
  6. Simultaneous work with a large amount of data.


  1. The entire functionality is available only in the paid version.
  2. There may be problems with iPod.

MediaMonkey is the ideal choice for those who work with a large number of music files. You can download the latest version of MediaMonkey for free from the official website below.

  • Version:
  • Size: 89 MB
Operating system:
Windows, Android