• Format Factory (screenshot, photo)
  • Format Factory (screenshot, photo)
  • Format Factory (screenshot, photo)
  • Format Factory (screenshot, photo)
  • Format Factory (screenshot, photo)
  • Format Factory (screenshot, photo)
  • Format Factory (screenshot, photo)

What is Format Factory?

Format Factory is a versatile utility for converting files (photos, videos, and audio) from one format to another. The program supports dozens of different formats and codecs, making it usable in any situation. In addition to its main function, there are also auxiliary functions that make it a multifunctional media toolbox.

You can download the Format Factory media converter for free for the Windows operating system.


  • Conversion of photo, video, and audio files to all possible formats on computers and laptops with the Windows OS (even with rare formats like Mobi, AZW3, and more);
  • Extracting data from disk ISO images or creating ISO disk images to store information;
  • Merging different multimedia files together. In this case, Format Factory functions as a basic editor with the ability to concatenate and cut content fragments;
  • Compressing files through double conversion, allowing for the reduction of the final weight of multimedia files or documents.

How to use Format Factory?

The main control of the program is done through settings at the top of the screen. There, you can specify the file type, select the conversion format, and the desired quality after conversion. Then press the «Add» button to choose the necessary document from the computer and start the conversion. The settings button allows manually adding conversion parameters, initially selected from presets by developers. Press «OK» to start the conversion.

To use additional functions (compression, multimedia editing, merging, etc.), click the «Utilities» button, where you'll find all the necessary modules for further work.


  • Simple interface understandable to every user;
  • A wide variety of formats available for conversion;
  • Function to limit the weight of the final file, useful for conversions for flash drives or phones with limited memory;
  • Hardware encoding function for faster format conversion;
  • Thanks to the clever double conversion system, file quality remains unchanged even with a loss of weight;
  • The program includes not only pre-set presets but also a manual adjustment mode for advanced users.


  • Format Factory does not provide precise information about the final file weight before starting the conversion;
  • The video editing function may sometimes work poorly, leading to problems with cutting files or overlaying additional soundtracks.


Format Factory is a powerful file converter for converting audio, video, and images to your desired format without a complex interface, making it suitable for regular PC users.

You can download the latest version of the Format Factory utility (2024) for free from the official website via the link below.

  • Version: 5.16.0
  • Size: 101.12 MB
Operating system: