Faststone Capture

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What is Faststone Capture?

FastStone Capture is a freemium program used for creating screenshots, capturing video played on a screen, editing and viewing captured images, converting file formats, applying effects, and adding watermarks, including in automatic mode.

Faststone Capture can be downloaded for free on Windows operating systems in 32-bit or 64-bit versions, and the application works correctly with all the latest versions of the operating system.


  1. User customization of the parameters of the photographed area, its size, and shape, with convenient output of results.
  2. The built-in editor allows for post-processing of images, adding captions, including with the help of callouts of various shapes and sizes.
  3. The ability to adjust effects for snapshots: shadow, torn or fading edges, frames, blur.
  4. Obtained screenshots can be sent to the clipboard, directly to third-party applications such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, attached to emails, or printed directly.
  5. When capturing video, the file is saved in WMV format, and with the built-in editor, it can be converted to GIF.
  6. When capturing video, it is possible to record sound from speakers, microphone, and mouse clicks. The resulting audio file is compressed to save disk space.
  7. Faststone Capture supports many popular file formats: BMP, JPEG, PCX, PDF, PNG, GIF, TIFF. The latest update added the ability to save in FSC format, an internal format for saving the result as a project, with the ability for further editing.


Control is done with the help of a small panel, on which buttons are placed. The compact size of the control panel does not interfere with work. The functionality can be expanded by adding buttons, or narrowed by removing them from the panel.


  • Screen capture;
  • Built-in editor for image processing;
  • Overlaying captions on images, including watermarks;
  • Capture video played on a screen;
  • Saving and outputting the results of work;
  • Customizable control panel.


  • Compact size of the installed application;
  • Low resource consumption after installation;
  • Convenient control, with additional settings;
  • Variability of outputting results of work;
  • Built-in image processing editor;
  • The ability to capture video from the screen;
  • Saving video in GIF format;
  • No advertising or spyware modules.


  • Freemium distribution, with a trial period.

You can download the latest version of Faststone Capture screenshot software for free from the official website by clicking on the link below.

  • Version: 9.6
  • Size: 4.5 MB
Operating system: