DAEMON Tools Lite

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What is DAEMON Tools Lite?

Daemon Tools is a program for working with physical and virtual disks, which allows emulating the operation of CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray drives, as well as creating their images, which is necessary to run some games and movies.

You can download Daemon Tools Lite 2024 for free on computers with Windows and MacOS.

DAEMON Tools Features

Among the key functions of the program, the following can be highlighted:

  1. creating virtual drives with a proprietary interface, as well as with IDE and SCSI support (from 4 to infinity, depending on the edition);
  2. creating images in MDF and ISO formats, as well as compressing them (in all versions);
  3. converting image formats;
  4. writing data to physical disks (CD and DVD);
  5. creating bootable media based on USB flash drives (only in Ultra);
  6. mounting archives in ZIP format (only in Ultra);
  7. monitoring images (unavailable in the Lite version);
  8. splitting and editing the contents of ISO/MDF files;
  9. password protection of images.

Program Versions

Daemon Tools tools are released in 4 modifications:

  1. Lite (lightweight). Distributed for free and contains a minimal set of tools necessary for an ordinary user.
  2. Pro Standard (professional, standard). This and subsequent versions have a 20-day trial period, after which a license must be purchased. The modification contains additional features for advanced users. For example, the number of virtual drives with DT and SCSI interfaces has been increased.
  3. Pro Advanced (professional, extended). Differs from the previous version in the ability to convert image formats, as well as support for the RMPS copy protection method.
  4. Ultra. Has all the features for experienced users.

The higher the version, the more features the user gets.

Using Daemon Tools

The interface in the 11th version of Daemon Tools contains several pages that can be switched using the side menu, as well as buttons on the main window that appear after downloading and running the program. Unavailable functions are marked with a lock icon.

The first group of Daemon Tools contains a list of images that can be mounted as virtual disks. The latter are displayed in the Windows system as real disks, with the ability to assign a letter. The other pages contain tools for managing drives, editing images, burning physical disks, as well as working with VHD and USB.


The Daemon Tools utility has several obvious advantages:

  • support for copying protected disks, which helps to run some games;
  • fast mounting of images in 2 clicks;
  • the presence of a writer drive emulator, which will be useful for laptop owners without...


Like any software, Daemon Tools has its downsides - it requires a lot of resources, which can cause the utility to run slowly on weak computers and laptops.


Daemon Tools is one of the most popular programs for creating and emulating disk images with simple functionality. You can download the latest version of the program 2024 from the official website below.

  • Version: 11.10
  • Size: 46.7 MB
Operating system:
Windows, Mac OS